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8 in 1 Screw Driver Set - Multicolor

This is a 8 in one Screwdriver set for professional use. This high quality precision screwdriver set with offset tweezers can be used for The screwdriver set is suitable for dismantling laptops, mobil..


8 in 1 Screwdriver With Torch - Red

A perfect item for home uses or other maintenance. Excellent design for locking and unlocking different screw types in case of repairs or maintenance. Magnetic CRV steel alloy heads make holding small..


9V Ni-MH 280mah Rechargeable Battery - Blue and White

9V Ni-MH rechargeable batteries are greatly designed for enhanced performance for high drain applications such as:R/C controller detector, emergency location transmitters and beacons, paintball gu..


Adjustable Soldering Iron 60W

Soldering iron with adjustable temperature, suitable for a wide range of welding applications. The range offers temperature control solutions to many different applications.Adjustable Soldering Ir..


All Purpose Scissors

Scissors are hand-operated shearing tools. A pair of scissors consists of a pair of metal blades pivoted so that the sharpened edges slide against each other when the handles opposite to the pivot..


B7000 Glue -50ml - Transparent

B7000 is a self-leveling adhesive flue that meets toys, phone screen, flowers, jewelry. That has a great industrial strength soft, heavy duty, waterproof, non-flammable glue. This is flexible, paintab..


Battery 4V 800Ma - Black

Nickel cordiam battery. 4V 800mA. size 75x50x22mm. Unique ultra-thin structure design. Delicate line types, with metope one integrated mass. Full of technology contemporary feeling.Nickel cordiam ..


Battery Holder - 4xAA - Black

This is a unique two-cell AA battery holder built specifically for the BBC micro bit. The 6" (150mm) cable has been terminated. Case holder for 2xAA battery holder case with wire leads for soldering /..


Both Sided Tape 0.5"

Both Sided Tape 0.5"..


Cable Tie - 4 inch (100 pcs)

White (Natural) Nylon 6640-Lb Tensile Stength rating1.25-inch Maximum Bundle diameter recommendedUL Listed100-Pack bags standardIndoor Cable bundling, routing, and fasteningNon-Plenum ApplicationsGet ..


CMOS Battery Holder

CMOS Battery Holder..


Cutting Saw Blade 6Pcs Set - Silver

Made from strong HHS high-speed-steel,durable to use. High-Speed Steel blades set for accurate,fast and precision cutting. Suitable for timber,plastic,fiberglass,copper,aluminium & thin sheet..

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