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Long Mini Nose 4.5" - Yellow

Long Mini-Nose 4.5 inch tools focus on professional quality tools and hardware products. It believes that the quality tools refer to the usability, efficiency, and performance. Tolsen not only pur..


Micro USB to DC 2mm Plug Jack (2 Pcs) - White

2 Pcs Icro M USB to DC2mm plug/charger jack for Nokia mobile phones. Because the NOKIA phone does not support 1A electricity, please use a 500 mA USB charger, otherwise, it will show that it is not su..


Mini Hand Drill

This electric drill is suitable for both aluminum plate, thin copper, board, plastic board, chipboard, printed circuit board, epoxy board, and can be used for drilling in polishing, cutting need compo..


N20 Micro Motor Mount Set 12mm

Product Description 2pcs/1 lot 3PI miniQ N20 Micro Motor Mount Set 12mm DC Gear Motor Mounting Bracket Toy Car Accessories Height : 11mm Width : 25mm Material: high quality plastic Quantity:10sets/lot..


Nano SIM To Micro/Standard Adapter with Sim Card Pin Eject Key - Black

If you’ve bought a phone with a nano SIM and now need to use your trusty old spare phone, you’ll find this nano SIM adapter is a necessity! Simply slot your nano SIM into the appropriate adapter and h..


PCB Drill Bit 0.8mm (5pcs) - Silver

0.8mm Micro HSS Twist Drilling Bits Straight Shank Electrical Drill Tool offers the best heat resistance and good performance for drilling.Well suit to drilling iron, steel, aluminum, plastic, wood an..


PCB Holder - Silver

This PCB holder is a brand new and high-quality universal holder for PDA. It can be used for cell phone mp3 repair etc. It also can be fixed manually tap the screws in the table and the upward and dow..


Precision Knife Blade

Product Type: Precision KnifeMaterial: AluminiumLength:145mmStrong And Sharp Blade DeliversSticker glass cleaning, cutting paper, wood carvings, handicrafts..


Quick Charger for Mobile Battery - Orange

Quick Charger for Mobile Battery Charges any Mobile battery with just one universal travel charger. Compatible with batteries for cell phones, PDAs, digital cameras and digital camcorders. Automatical..


Raspberry Pi box With Fan

Raspberry Pi box With Fan 64+ watching | 252+ sold Colorful Transparent protective box case with cooling fan for Raspberry Pi 3. Device Type: Colorful Acrylic Case Box For Raspberry Pi 3. One (1) Colo..


Screen Cleaner Suit LCD Cleaning Kit - Sky Blue

Screen Cleaner-Cleaning Suit LCD Cleaning Kit. Magical Screen Cleaner-Cleaning Suit LCD Cleaning Kit. This Cleaning Suit from Handboss is a must have and it helps you wipe off dust and stains from you..


SMD Inductor Test Clip Probe - Black and Red

SMD Inductor Test Clip Probe Tweezers for Resistor Multimeter Capacitor High-Quality Meter Clip probe for SMD components measure 100% Brand new and high quality Up for sale is a brand new meter cl..

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