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LED digital DC voltmeter

0.28 inch LED digital DC voltmeter Measuring range: 0~30V; Power supply: DC 4.5~30V; Max. input: DC 30V; Tolerance: +/-1%, +/-0.3V (gt;=10V), +/0.1 (lt;10V); Input impedance: gt;100Kohm; Working curre..


AC DC Voltage Tester-Meter Pen type

Digital AC DC Voltage Tester-Meter Pen type Product Description (Color is blue) TU-D98 Multifunctional Digital AC/DC Voltage Tester Pen Continuity Tester Meter 12-240V W/ LCD Display This meter is app..


Digital Multi Clump Meter MT87 - Yellow

Clamp ammeters referred to as clamp meter. The work is mainly composed of an electromagnetic current meter and bushing type current mutual inductor . Straight through current transformer core made..


Dual USB 5V 1A 2.1A Mobile Power Bank 18650 Battery Charger PCB Module Board

Features:Motherboard comes with protection function: Charging overcharge protection, over-discharge protection, overcurrent protection.Intelligent output device after charging full, automatically stop..


Super Slim Pocket Multi-meter - UT120C - Red and Black

Multimeter True RMS Auto Range 400-600A Digital Clamp Meters w/ Frequency Test Highly Voltage Tester. Palm size design makes this a very portable multimeter and always handy for use. Aut..


Universal Multi-Meter Probe Set - Red and Black

Universal Multi-Meter Probe Set Tweezers for Resistor Multimeter Capacitor High-Quality Meter Clip probe for components measure 100% Brand new and high quality Up for sale is a brand new meter cli..


USB Charger Doctor - Voltage and Current Display

USB Charger Doctor - Voltage and Current Display Use the USB Charger Doctor to measure the voltage and current output for any USB port and project. This blue plastic dongle plugs between a USB device,..


USB Tester Charging Monitor Voltage Current

USB Power Meter USB Tester Charging Monitor Voltage Current HM * Premium Quality Low Cost Solution to Check USB Charging Current and Voltage instantly; * Extremely Portable, Light Weight, Small Size a..


UT33A Palm-Size Multimeter

Product descriptionUNI-T UT33A Handheld LCD Digital Multimeter Auto Range AC/DC Voltage DC Current Resistance Tester red+blackColor: red+blackDC Voltage: 400mV/4V/40V/400V/500V +/- (0.8%+2)AC Voltage:..

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