Our Services

Printed Circuit board Service

Development Board Design & Manufacturing
Turn your sensors, ICs, modules and components into easy-to-use breakout boards. Our engineers will finesse your product, helping you achieve market share faster. SparkFun’s development boards streamline your customers’ ability to integrate your tech into their prototypes..

Hand made assembling electronic device

Does one of our existing original boards almost meet your needs, but isn’t a perfect fit? Do you wish it had a specific connector, a pigtail, or certain pins populated with a header? We can modify existing boards to add or remove components to fit your needs, creating the ideal board for you..

PCB Design & Production Service

We are continually upgrading our full feature PCB service with better equipment, more training and more efficient techniques to provide the highest quality, full feature PCB manufacturing and assembly for our clients. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of quality and efficiency, and our clients know it, coming to us from industries like telecommunications and education to name a few.