8pino – Smallest Arduino Board

8pino – Smallest Arduino Board

৳  749.00

Arduino compatible machine
MCU: Atmel Attiny85 (8bit, 8MHz, Flash 8kB)
Power: USB 5V,
Communication: USB2.0 compatible communication
I/O: GPIO maximum: 5, I2C, SPI, PMW maximum: 3, A/D maximum: 3,



“An Arduino compatible for minimalists.” 8pino, a world standard prototyping tool that is essential for modern electronic work called Arduino, at the world’s smallest size. 8pino provide enough “margin” resulting from the world’s smallest size by eliminating all unnecessary space for users who pursue minimal work and product development. The material for users to smoothly develop has been realized without any compromise in usability when writing via the world’s smallest original micro USB connecter.

“How to connect a PC?” Board is sticks to USB cable (A-microB) directly.

DIP8 Compatible
8mm Wide
0.8mm Thick
Atmel Attiny85
8KB Memory

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