Arduino Robot Controller Shield

Arduino Robot Controller Shield

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Operating Voltage: 5V & 3.3V.
No. of Push Buttons: 6
No. of Toggle Switches: 2
Supported Arduino Boards: Uno, Mega and Leonardo.
Supported Motion Sensor: MPU6050 (GY521 board)
Supported RF modules: RX-B6, FS1000A, HC-05 bluetooth, NRF24L01.
Dimension: 14 cm ×7 cm (l×b)

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This shield turns your Arduino into a controller for your remote controlled robot. Resembling the design of classis game controllers, we have put a two axis joystick on the left and four action buttons on the right. There are also two small momentary push switches, two toggle switches and a potentiometer. You can also connect a MPU6050 gyro sensor to it and add motion control for your robot, just like PlayStation controllers.

For wireless communication with your robot, there are several options. Code for using all of the modules with this controller is provided by us. The compatible modules are

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