Catatan aesthetic Laptop Sticker

Catatan aesthetic Laptop Sticker

Sold by: Techmart BD

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Laptop Stickercover your laptop with a bunch of different stickers, or select your favorite and switch them up when you’re ready for a new design. While you can make your stickers to cover just a portion of your laptop.Snooky Digital Print Mobile Skin Sticker For all mobile Designed For Direct Application On Your Device For An Awesome Makeover Without Adding Any Bulk. Made From Premium Vinyl With Anti-Bubble Channels For Easy Applicability.The Digital Print Mobile Skin Sticker is suitable for all laptop.They are designed for direct application on your device for an awesome makeover without adding any bulk to your device. Made from Premium Vinyl with anti-bubble channels for easy applicability. The stickers are clean to the touch, residue-free removal and has high-resolution digital printing.