Core2530 – ZigBee Development Module

Core2530 – ZigBee Development Module

৳  780.00

Onboard chip: CC2530F256RHAR
Communication distance:
Absolute maximum: over 350 meters
Stable communication: over 250 meters
Auto connecting: over 120 meters (open and wide operating environment)
Frequency range: 2.4GHz
Wide supply-voltage range (2 V–3.6 V)
Operating temperature: 40℃ ~ 85℃
Serial port baud rate: 38400bps (default), different baud rates are available by software configuration
Dimension: 26mm x 27mm (PCB)
Interface: all the I/Os
Pinheader pitch: 2.54mm
Spacing between pinheaders on the left side and the right side: 22.86mm (9×2.54mm)
Antenna: 2.4G 2DB 360° omni-directional
Node: can be configured as Coordinator, Router (default), or EndDevice