Digital IR Sensor Array 10RC

Digital IR Sensor Array 10RC

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Features TCRT500 that has effective plastic packaging and built-in sunlight effect compensation.

• 1 cm spacing between two adjacent sensors, covering 9cm distance by the entire sensor array.

• Recommended operational height from ground 3mm-50mm. (height of IR sensors tip, not the PCB).

• Generates high discharge time for black surface and low discharge time for white surface on signal pins.

• Large value difference for white and black surface at recommended operational height from ground.

• Can be used with any microcontroller and any arduino board.

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If your Arduino Uno (that has only 6 ADC pins) is restricting you from buying a better 8 or 10 IR based analog line detection sensor, this product is for you. It’s similar to the polulu QTR-8RC sensor, but contains more IR sensors. It has 1cm spacing between IR sensors and got a total of 10 sensors. The signal pins can be connected to any digital/analog pin of any Arduino board.

Unlike other digital line follower sensors that use op-amps as comparator and provide only 1 & 0 as signal, it provides 0-4096 by using capacitor discharge time. That means this digital sensor can provide outputs like an analog sensor. It can measure white & black & all the greyscale colors in-between.

Moreover, this sensor has got IR LED control option that lets you turn ON and OFF the IR LEDs of the sensor array using a digital pin of Arduino. That ensures unnecessary power consumption when the sensors are not in use. Moreover, the ability to read IR sensors while turning ON and OFF the IR LEDs helps to eliminate effect of flash lights and sunlight.

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