Flex Sensor 2.2″

Flex Sensor 2.2″

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Flex Sensor 2.2″

the 2.2″ Flex Sensor is just as fun! This sensor’s diminutive size makes it great for all sorts of small spaces.

The flex sensor changes its resistance as its flexed, so you can easily create an analog signal to connect to your microcontroller. We recommend using our Voltage Divider to easily create that signal.
The connector is .1″/2.5mm spaced, so it will work with standard breadboards.

We recommend that you reinforce the base of the sensor when you mount it since it is not as strong as the rest of the sensor.

The following values are approximations for the sensor’s flex values, they will vary from sensor to sensor.

Unflexed: ~25kΩ
Flexed (90°)~45kΩ
Flexed (180°)~60kΩ

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