GPS Module GY-NEO-6M V2

GPS Module GY-NEO-6M V2

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Power supply: 3V-5V

Board Models: GY – GPS6MV2

GPS Chip: Ublox Neo 6M

Antenna: ceramic antenna, signal strong

Data Backup: EEPROM saves the configuration parameter data when power down with data backup battery

Default baud rate: 9600

Module size 25 x 35 mm (0.98” x 1.37”)

Antenna size: 25 x 25 mm (0.98”x 0.98”)

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GPS module GY neo-6m uses the popular Ublox Neo 6M GPS chip.

The detachable high gain antenna supports fast satellite acquisition, keeping the gps accuracy within 5m. There’s dedicated EEPROM and a backup battery onboard that stores the satellite ephemeris data when powered off and thus helps faster location estimation as soon as the module powers on.

u-blox NEO-6M onboard, with high-gain active antenna

Chargeable backup battery, keeps the ephemeris data when power down, supports hot starts

Onboard EEPROM for storing config information

Compatible with Arduino and Raspberry Pi


GPS Tracker

Multicopter Positioning

Usage Notes

GPS doesn’t work indoor. Please use the module outside buildings for it to function preperly.

You’ll need a USB-Serial converter if you want to configure this module using U-center. (click here).


Clich here to download “U-center for windows”

Click here to download Arduino library and codes.


Put 3.3V to the VCC pin, not 5V. The Tx and Rx pin can work with both 5V or 3.3V logic level.

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