LD33CV Voltage Regulator (3.3V

LD33CV Voltage Regulator (3.3V

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Low dropout voltage (1 V typ.)

• Output current up to 800 mA

• Fixed output voltage of: 3.3V

• Internal current and thermal limit

• Available in ± 1 % (at 25 °C) and 2 % in fulltemperature range

• Supply voltage rejection: 75 dB (typ.)

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This is the basic LD33CV voltage regulator, a low drop positive regulator with a 3.3V fixed output voltage. This fixed regulator provides a great amount of stability and protection for your project and with its on ship trimming this regulator is able to reach an output voltage tolerance within ±1%. Each one of these voltage regulators can output a max current of 800mA. High efficiency is assured by NPN pass transistor. In fact in this case, unlike than PNP one, the Quiescent Current flows mostly into the load. Only a very common 10μF minimum capacitor is needed for stability.

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