Lithum Battery Charging Module With Protectiont

Lithum Battery Charging Module With Protectiont

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Lithum Battery Charging Module With LED Indicator Protection
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The 1A Lithium Battery Charging Module with Protection is a clever little Electronics Module that is capable of connecting up to a 5V DC supply and charging single-cell Lithium Batteries. It uses either a Mini-USB port or dedicated terminals to connect up to a supply, and then charges the connected battery to a current of 1A and voltage of around 4.2V, with the option for power pass through as well in case you want to power your projects directly from the input supply.
In addition to being a Battery Charger, this module can also be fitted as a direct power supply. When plugged into an external power source, the module offers pass through power to provide sufficient voltage and current even while charging the battery. This ensures that you can power the unit when an external power source is available, and then rely on the battery when you need to take your project on the move.
Input Voltage : 5V
Maximum charging Current : 1000 mA
Charge cut-off Voltage : 4.2 V + / – 1%
Battery overcharge protection Voltage : 2.5 V
Battery over-current protection Current : 3 A
Input Interface : Micro USB
Dimension : 2.6 x 1.7 cm

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