LM311 Comparator

LM311 Comparator

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Maximum Supply Voltage:36V
Output to Negative Supply Voltage:40 V
Ground to Negative voltage : -30 V
Differential Input Voltage : 30 V
Input Voltage :±15 V
Maximum Power Dissipation:500mW
Maximum Positive Supply Current:7.5mA
Maximum Negative supply current:-5mA
Operating Temperature range:0~+70°C

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The LM311 series is a monolithic, low input current voltage comparator. The device is also designed to operate from dual or single supply voltage.


Low input bias current : 250nA (Max)
Low input offset current : 50nA (Max)
Differential Input Voltage : ±30V
Power supply voltage : single 5.0V supply to ±15V.
Offset voltage null capability.
Strobe capability.

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