LoRa Ra-01 Ai-Thinker

LoRa Ra-01 Ai-Thinker

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  • Support FSK, GFSK, MSK, GMSK, LoRa ™ and OOK modulation
  • Very high receive sensitivity down to -141 dBm
  • Has excellent anti-clogging characteristics
  • Support preamble detection
  • Support half duplex SPI communication
  • Packet engine with CRC, up to 256 bytes
  • Small volume dual-column stamp hole chip package
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Anxin LoRa series modules are based on SX1278 design and development, the main use of LoRa ™ remote modems for long-range spread spectrum communication, strong anti-interference, to minimize current consumption. With SEMTECH’s patented LoRa ™ modulation technology, the SX1278 features high sensitivity of over -148dBm, power output of + 20dBm, long range transmission and high reliability. At the same time, LoRa ™ modulation technology offers significant advantages in terms of blocking and selection over traditional modulation techniques. This solves the problem that traditional designs can not balance distance, interference and power consumption at the same time.

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