LT1083 Adjustable Voltage Regulator

LT1083 Adjustable Voltage Regulator

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3-Terminal Adjustable
Output Current of 3A, 5A or 7.5A
Operates Down to 1V Dropout
Guaranteed Dropout Voltage at Multiple Current Levels
Line Regulation: 0.015%
Load Regulation: 0.1%
100% Thermal Limit Functional Test
Fixed Versions Available
Available in 3-Lead Plastic TO-220, TO-3P and DD Packages

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Summary LT1083 Adjustable Voltage Regulator

The LT1083 series of positive adjustable regulators are designed to provide 7.5A, 5A and 3A with higher efficiency than currently available devices. All internal circuitry is designed to operate down to 1V input-to-output differential and the dropout voltage is fully specified as a function of load current. Dropout is guaranteed at a maximum of 1.5V at maximum output current, decreasing at lower load currents. On-chip trimming adjusts the reference voltage to 1%. Current limit is also trimmed, minimizing the stress on both the regulator and power source circuitry under overload conditions.

The LT1083/LT1084/LT1085 devices are pin compatible with older 3-terminal regulators. A 10μF output capacitor is required on these new devices. However, this is included in most regulator designs.

Unlike PNP regulators, where up to 10% of the output current is wasted as quiescent current, the LT1083 quiescent current flows into the load, increasing efficiency.

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