NEC2P4M Thyristor

NEC2P4M Thyristor

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Non Repeatetive Peak Reverse Voltage:500V
Non Repeatetive Peak Off-Set Voltage:500V
Repeatetive Peak Reverse Voltage:400V
Repeatetive Peak Off-Set Voltage:400V
Peak Gate Power Dissipation:0.5W

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The 2P4M and 2P6M are a P gate all diffused mold type Thyristor granted 2 A On-state Average Current (TC = 77°C), with rated voltages up to 600 V.

• Easy installation by TO-202AA package.
• Less holding current distribution provides free application design.

• Electric blanket, Electronic jar, Various temperature control.
• Electric sewing machine, Speed control of miniature type motor.
• Light display equipment, Lamp dimmer such as a display for entertainment.
• Automatic gas lighter, Battery charger.
• Solid state static switches etc.

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