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Maximum operating Frequency:4MHz
Flash:512 Bytes
Operating Voltage:2V-5.5V
I/O pins:5
Input Pin:1
SRAM:25 Bytes

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The PIC12F508 devices from Microchip Technology are low-cost, high-performance, 8-bit, fullystatic, Flash-based CMOS microcontrollers. They employ a RISC architecture with only 33 single-word/single-cycle instructions. All instructions are single cycle (200 µs) except for program branches, which take two cycles. The PIC12F508 devices deliver performance an order of magnitude higher than their competitors in the same price category. The 12-bit wide instructions are highly symmetrical, resulting in a typical 2:1 code compression over other 8-bit microcontrollers in its class. The easy-to-use and easy to remember instruction set reduces development time significantly.

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