T6 Wireless Fly Air Mouse With Keyboard-Black
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T6 Wireless Fly Air Mouse With Keyboard-Black

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T6 Gyroscopic Mini Air Mouse In Bangladesh The T6 Wireless Fly Air Mouse Keyboard has gyroscopic air mouse and fully multimedia keyboard. It is handheld and has both the function of a mouse and a keyboard. It runs on 3 x AAA batteries. The batteries can last up to a month depending on the usage. It has wireless 2.4 GHz connectivity with a range of 15 meters. It can be used to operate you pc/laptop/ android /smart tv and many more. ​ What is an air mouse? Air mouse is also known as gyroscopic mouse or fly air mouse. Air mouse uses 6 axis gyro sensor and it detect both horizontal and vertical motion. Air mouse dont need any surface and can be used in open air. You can use air mouse while standing or while relaxing in your sofa. So air mouse is very ideal for using with your android / smart tv. Air mouse can also be used for operating pc and other devices .Air mouse can also be used to play gyroscopic games SPECIFICATION • Model : T6 Fly Air Mouse Keyboard • Compatible With : Android, iOS and Windows • Connectivity Type : Wireless 2.4Ghz • Operation Distance : Upto 10 metres • Keyboard: Yes • Keyboard Layout: Standard English QWERTY • Mouse: Yes. • Mouse Type: Gyroscopic Motion Sensing Fly Air Mouse • Battery : 3 x AAA Batteries • Product Dimensions : 20 * 6.4 * 3cm • Weight : 124g Package Includes: i) T6 Fly Air Mouse Keyboard ii) User Guide iii) Box

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Gyroscopic 6 axis motion sensing air mouse.
Full QWERTY keyboard with multimedia buttons.
Can be used in PC, Laptop, Android TV Box, Android TV & Projectors.
Wireless 2.4 GHz Connectivity
Operation distance upto 10 metres.
Powered by 3 x AAA batteries

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