Terminal Block Connector Strip 12 Way 1 to 30 AMP

Terminal Block Connector Strip 12 Way 1 to 30 AMP

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For 18-14 AWG wire
0.39″(10mm) between terminal centers
UL, CSA, VDE, CE Certified
Material: flexible white (natural) Nylon 66 body
Dimensions:4.6″ x 0.80″ x 0.67″ high
Ratings: 400 Volts, 20A,94V2 rated for 105 C degrees
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This terminal block is bad-to-the-bone. It’s main use is for electrical splicing but if you’re getting into high current electronic applications such as long lengths of LED strips, these come in quite handy. The TBLK12 is quite safe as the 12 positions are completely isolated from each other and all metal parts are completely recessed in the housing to prevent shorts. Simple mounting is a great feature of this product as there is a mounting hole between each circuit. For customization the TBLK12 can be easily be separated into smaller sections using a utility knife or saw.

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