Touch Dimmer Switch

Touch Dimmer Switch

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Input Power: AC-220V/250V 50/60HZ (can’t be used on 110V)
Load Power: 25-150W
Model: XD-609
Color: White
Wire Length: Approx. 12Cm.
The Cover Size: Approx. 4 X 4.2 X 2.2CM

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In darkness, touch the Light Body, You can easily switch ON or OFF and adjust the brightness. Applicable to the metal body of Table Lamps, Floor Lamps, Bedside Lamps etc.

How to connect:

The Red line is connected with the 220V input positive wire.
The Black line connect to negative 220V input wire.
The other black and blue lines connected to the lamp.
The yellow line is the touch signal lines.

This touch switch applies to the lamp with metal body, when the human touch the any parts of the metal lamp body, it will meet the following requirement: (3 levels: low, medium, high and then off):

Touch one time: the lamp will be in low light.
Touch again: the lamp will be in medium light.
Touch one more time: the lamp will be in high light.
Touch again: the lamp will be off.

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