UC3909 Battery Charger

UC3909 Battery Charger

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Supply Voltage (VCC), OUT, STAT0, STAT1:40V
Output Current Sink :0.1A
CS+, CS-: -0.4 to VCC (Note 1)
Remaining Pin Voltages: -0.3V to 9V
Storage Temperature : -65°C to +150°C
Junction Temperature : -55°C to +150°C

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The UC3909 family of Switchmode Lead-Acid Battery Chargers accurately controls lead acid battery charging with a highly efficient average current mode control loop. This chip combines charge state logic with average current PWM control circuitry. Charge state logic commands current or voltage control depending on the charge state. The chip includes undervoltage lockout circuitry to insure sufficient supply voltage is present before output switching starts. Additional circuit blocks include a differential current sense amplifier, a 1.5% voltage reference, a –3.9mV/°C thermistor linearization circuit, voltage and current error amplifiers, a PWM oscillator, a PWM comparator, a PWM latch, charge state decode bits, and a 100mA open collector output driver.


Accurate and Efficient Control of Battery Charging
Average Current Mode Control from Trickle to Overcharge
Resistor Programmable Charge Currents
Thermistor Interface Tracks Battery Requirements Over Temperature
Output Status Bits Report on Four Internal Charge States
Undervoltage Lockout Monitors VCC and VREF

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