ULN2804 Driver

ULN2804 Driver

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Output Voltage:50V
Input Voltage:30V
Continuous Collector Current:500mA

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ULN2804 contains eight darlington transistors with common emitters and integral suppression diodes for inductive loads. Each darlington features a peak load current rating of 600mA (500mA continuous) and can withstand atleast 50V in the off state. Outputs maybe paralleled for higher current capability.

ULN2804A has a 10.5kW input resistor for 6-15V CMOS.


Eight darlingtons with common emitters.
Output current to 500 mA .
Output voltage to 50V.
Integral suppression diodes .
Versions for all popular logic families.
Output can be paralleled inputs pinned opposite outputs to simplify board layout.

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