VAC1100A Wireless Bi-directional Digital Volt, Amp, Power Meter 120V 100A
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VAC1100A Wireless Bi-directional Digital Volt, Amp, Power Meter 120V 100A

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The display can be used between the header and measurement modules wireless transmission of data, reducing the cumbersome wiring, but also to avoid errors caused by line losses furthest communication distance is 10 meters, you can also use standard USB cable for wired communication.
Bidirectional current detector for detecting the charging and discharging of the user can easily detect bidirectional current without changing the wiring.
Power and memory function, the display can be set off after the header memory before the power saving and Ah, watts and time, to facilitate observation and measurement, but the measurement before the power module need to click the OK button to save parameter.

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Brand new
Size: as shown in picture
Voltage measuring range: 0.01~120V
Voltage accuracy: 0.01V
Voltage error: ±1%+5 figures
Current measurement range: 0.1A-100A
Current accuracy: 0.1A
Current error: ±2%+5 figures
Power measurement range: 0~200KW
Capacity measurement range: 0 ~2000KAH
Watt measurement range: 0~4000KWH
Time measurement range: 0~999Days
Address range: A01~A99
Wireless channel setting range: A-Z
NCP (Negative overcurrent protection): 0~-100A
OCP (Forward overcurrent protection): 0~100A
OVP (Overvoltage protection): 0~120V
LVP (Undervoltage protection): 0~120V
Time delay protection: 0~10S
Power measurement plate: 0.4W/S
Power consumption of the display panel: 0.5W/S
Sample rate: 5Times / s
Communication distance: 10 m single set of open land

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